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 September 6, 2017

Engineering enrichment courses for homeschool...why?
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The study of engineering has not only become common in K-12 schools, it's now mandatory in national standards.
But why engineering?
Simple - engineers are professional Innovators and problem solvers. What better way to help students think more creatively, and give them vocational advantage, than to have experiences thinking like an engineer.
Grade school classrooms bustling with the sounds of little fingers plowing through boxes of building materials...the goal - design a solution to some problem.  Example - create a structure that can support excessive amounts of weight and stand against torrential winds.  The challenge, you only get one sheet of paper, some tooth picks and a few mini marshmallows. 
Middle and high school classrooms with 3D printers, robots, lasers and flying drones that support robust curriculum designed to make the brain sweat and creativity ooz.

The data is in - core curriculum mixed with engineering/innovation studies significantly helps students make connections between their "core" classes (math, science, etc.) and the real world.  Students become more attached to how math and science is the discovery of the world around them, and how innovators use these discoveries to solve authentic problems.
We live in a designed world full of intentionality and the fingerprints of a Creator, and our planet is filled with the raw materials from which to continue the creation process.
Ah, what a great time to be alive!  A time of discovery and creative resources like never before.

Imagine all the ingredients of a fine gourmet meal remaining too long in the cupboard.  The earth waits for "master chefs" (Innovators) to assemble its resources into new devices and solutions.
For over 100 years hands-on learning has been an indispensible part of a balanced education (like a balanced meal...a little protein some veggies, etc.).
It was once called Manual Arts, Industrial Arts, or Vocational Studies.  These days it's titled, Technology and Engineering Education.  One of its primary goals - help train our future Innovators.
The study of engineering is not only for those students who have these natural gifts, it's for all students!
Make the exciting experience of engineering a part of your child's academic experience today. And save 25%!





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