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 January 15, 2015

Why Every Parent Should Know Their Child's Learning Style
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Why It's Important to Know Your Child's Learning Style
A well-rounded learner uses all three of the main learning styles. Those are kinesthetic, auditory, and visual, but it is also true that most students excel best through a specific learning style. Knowing your student's learning style can help in a plethora of ways. Some of the important reasons to know how you best process information can be found

How eLearningk12 Helps students of every Learning Style
At eLearningK12 we truly individualize education for each and every type of learner. With a plethora of core courses and electives from the basic to those with very specific interest, middle and high school students are awarded the opportunity to succeed through courses they enjoy.
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Our own original primary curriculum challenges young learners to use a multitude of learning styles to master skills in history, geography, science, and language arts. Click below to see how eLearningK12 reaches all sorts learners through our primary curriculum.

Visual Learners


Auditory Learners


Kinesthetic Learners


Furthermore, because we know that that the parent often knows their student and their learning style best, eLearningK12 keeps parents at the center of their child's education. eLearningK12 encourages parents to customize the courses and track their student takes. To see how you can help your child succeed to their best potential view our services offered.





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