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 January 11, 2017

    This newsletter is brought to you by Laurel Springs School

At this time of the year, many homeschool families begin to evaluate their child's progress to determine how they are advancing. Are they seamlessly tackling their academic program and working ahead of where you expected them to be? Are they struggling to stay engaged and would benefit from learning something new to keep them excited about their studies? Regardless of your child's current academic progress, consider adding an online course that could change the way they engage with their school work. Laurel Springs School has added 10 new elective courses including titles such as Foundations in Personal Finance, Advertising & Sales Promotion, Leadership Skills Development, and Concepts of Engineering and Technology, just to name a few. These courses are perfect for the homeschooler who wants to expand their expertise in a particular area or dig a little deeper into an interest of theirs. To view all of the new online courses provided by Laurel Springs School, visit our website.
Because students can
enroll in an online
course through Laurel Springs at any time, they can add a course they're interested in and begin whenever it works best for them.
To get started today, call one of our admissions coordinators to help you figure out what course may be best for your child at (800) 377-5890.


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