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 May 16, 2016

5 Reasons to Take a Summer Course at Oaks Christian Online School
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Sometimes it's easier to wade into the pool than it is to jump off the high dive! At Oaks Christian Online School, we'd like to invite you to "test the waters" of our online school during the upcoming summer months.
There are many reasons to consider
Oaks Christian Online School
for Summer 2016 courses. Our top five reasons include the following:

  1. Prevent summer brain drain. You've worked so hard all year long; you don't want your child to back-slide. Summer brain drain is real—students can forget a large percentage of what they learned over the summer months. In fact, research shows the loss can include up to 2 ½ months of math computational skills! So, consider a math class this summer for your child! See OCO summer course offerings here.
  2. Kids get bored at some point during the summer. Although they don't always know it, or appreciate it, they need to keep learning—otherwise boredom will take over. There are many College Board, University of California A-G, and NCAA approved summer opportunities at OCO.
  3. Summer is the perfect time to take a remediation or make-up course—or any course that might be a bit difficult. With a smaller load, your student has the necessary time to focus...and excel.
  4. It's the perfect time to take an AP or Dual Credit course. Oaks Christian Online school offers many!
  5. Taking summer courses might mean an earlier graduation, and what student doesn't want that?

Have your student enroll in a class—or two at Oaks Christian Online School!
By doing so, your child will benefit, and you'll be in a better position to know if OCO is the right choice for your family for the upcoming school year.
Check out OCO today



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