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 February 8, 2017

5 Ways to Prevent Homeschool Burnout
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Prevent Homeschool Burnout
Written by an Experienced Homeschooler with Time4Learning

Homeschool burnout happens. I know -- I'm a veteran homeschooler who's spent years teaching and motivating my children. About this time of year, I'm exhausted, frustrated, and even having second thoughts about continuing to homeschool my children. How much "I don't want to" or "This is too hard" can one mom take?
After considering the option to abandon ship, I sought the advice of Time4Learning families and here are 5 tips they suggested I try:
Allow your children to plan the day: Hand the reigns over to your children and let them pick out what the day's activities will be.
Keep reading for more advice and 4 more practical tips to preventing homeschool burnout.

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