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 January 27, 2016

"Netflix and Chill"
Do YOU Know What it Means?


Stay current with student culture including
pop culture, technology trends, student habits, and social media:

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The Culture Translator


"Netflix and Chill" – Do You Know What it Means?
It is a slang term that became popular back in 2015 that means "hooking up."  We let our readers of the Culture Translator (parents, educators, and pastors) know about this back in the fall.
The Culture Translator will provide you with a weekly synopsis of what you need to be aware of in the world of your student. Parents currently use this to spark conversations with their kids, teachers use this in the classroom, and pastors use this knowledge as they disciple students on a weekly basis.
We care deeply about Biblical discipleship in the home, church, and classroom. Let us be your culture translator and we will help you connect with and disciple the students in your life. We hope by providing you with this weekly resource we can be a tool that can help you instill a lifelong faith with your students.

Stay current with student culture.
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