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October 9, 2014

Create and Learn – What FUN!

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Edu.buncee.com is the digital creation and presentation tool
for children and educators to play, learn, and create online or on-the-go.
Drag and drop multimedia onto your buncee canvas to create fun lessons, digital stories,
presentations, research projects, invitations and more on edu.buncee.com.



The sky's the limit with buncee! Here are just a few of the countless ways
you and your children can use buncee.

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Digital Stories
Lessons and Projects
Thank You's & Invites

Edu.buncee provides a space where creativity reigns supreme, digital storytelling is made easy, and play and learning harmonize. Use buncee online or on mobile devices to help children learn how to navigate technology and practice digital citizenship.

Have fun making lessons, invitations, presentations, and more on edu.buncee.com. Children can practice their creativity and learn while making multimedia research presentations, collages, or holiday messages to share with family and friends.

With millions of ways to combine our backgrounds, stickers, and animations with media such as photos, videos, drawings, audio recordings, links, and more, edu.buncee.com is your tool for creating and sharing online.

Buncee was born from the desire of our CEO and Founder, Marie Arturi, for a tool that allowed her to create and share a unique, digital thank you to the supporters of her family's foundation, the Daniella Maria Arturi Foundation. Now, not only does buncee do that, but it helps people across the globe communicate and learn more creatively.

"Buncee is one of our favorite new digital tools!
The sky is the limit when creating with Buncee. Each buncee is a unique, creative way for our
young people to share their passions and voice!"
Shannon Miller, Teacher Librarian and Technology Integrationist

Edu.buncee.com is your creation and presentation tool, simplified. Sign up now or learn more.

For more inspiration, follow buncee at:




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