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It's Almost Freebie February at Homeschool.com
January 17, 2014
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Freebie February at Homeschool.com
FREEBIE FEBRUARY—28 days of FREE educational goodies! Freebies include FREE trials, FREE printables, FREE subscriptions, FREE downloads, FREE toys (yes, toys!—from companies that participated in our Annual Gift Guide), a FREE vacation (really!) plus so much MORE!

Here's How It Will Work:

New freebies will be added every day. Some are unlimited (hundreds or thousands of readers can claim them). Some have limited availability (books, toys, vacations), and you will need to sign up for the chance to win. You will want to come to Homeschool.com every day, to see what new Freebies have been added for the day.

The Freebie February listings will be available at:

We'll be sending "Freebie Alerts" via email, Facebook, Twitter, and through our Blog.

Sneak Peaks:
Here's a sneak peek of some of the products slated to be offered during Freebie February: 

Stay tuned—February is almost here!


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