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 February 26, 2015

Ends Saturday

Plus, Math Fun with FREEBIE FEBRUARY!

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FREEBIE FEBRUARY ends on Saturday so this is your last chance to click on over and grab a freebie...or two...or three (or maybe more!) for your family.
Please be patient while the age loads—the raffle-type listings are slowing it down a bit. But it's worth the wait!
Here's a thought–while you're on the page, turn it into an educational moment for the kids!
  • What percentage of the listings are raffle listings and what percentage are unlimited listings?
  • You can scroll through the page with your kids, ask them what raffles they'd like you to enter, and then do the math to determine your chances of winning! Some of the more recently listed raffles don't have many entries so the chances of winning are pretty good!
  • How many math listings are there? How many art listings? How many toy listings?

You get the idea! Have fun with it. Because FREEBIE FEBRUARY is A LOT of FUN!
And of course, while you're there, don't forget to
claim some of those freebies!



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