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 August 15, 2016

Flexible, Affordable Online Courses
for Grades Pre-K to 12

    This newsletter is brought to you by K12


K12's award-winning online courses for grades Pre-K to 12 provide homeschooling families a wide array of flexible choices to meet their students' individual needs, including:

  • All core subjects and six world languages
  • Early learning programs
  • Multiple levels, including AP
  • Online and hands-on materials
  • Affordable payment plans

Plus—now through August 31, 2016—as families gear up for another year of schooling, K12 is offering special savings* to help everyone start strong:

  • 20% off independent study courses with Promo Code B2S2016
  • 10% off teacher-supported courses with Promo Code B2STS


CALL 855.534.6298 to purchase courses.
*Promotion applies to prepaid study plans only and excludes materials and shipping.



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