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 November 10, 2016

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Know yourself

Self Literacy is the Key
to Your Child's Happiness


When kids understand how their bodies and minds work
they are more confident and better equipped to handle
life's challenges. 
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What's Inside Know Yourself Adventure  1
Know Yourself Adventure Series is a monthly journey that helps your kid explore the systems of the human body with self directed activities that educate and entertain.
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Know Yourself Adventure Series
Check Out The Systems of The First 12 Adventures

After children are done going through each adventure, they will have a deeper understanding of how how their very own super powers help them understand the world! Read More

What's new at Know Yourself

Know Yourself Awards

Know Yourself is on a winning streak!

Know Yourself won the Nautilus Award, two Tillywig Awards and was nominated for an Oakland Indie Award. Read More
Self Literacy
Why Self Literacy is the Key to Your Child's Happiness

Life is filled with choices. Most of the choices related to our bodies, health, wellness, emotions, identity, and relationships we make with surprisingly little understanding of what, why or how we are doing it. Read More
Adventure #1
The Five

Travel to ancient Greece, meet the great philosopher Aristotle, and discover how your very own super powers - Sight, Smell, Touch, Taste, and Hearing - help you understand the natural world. Read More
Know Yourself

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