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 August 24, 2015

Gameplay Builds Literacy Skills: Spelling, Vocabulary, Phonics, & More
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VocabularySpellingCity makes word study more engaging and effective with over 35 learning games and activities. You can enter your own word lists or use any of the thousands on the site with learning activities for:  
VocabularySpellingCity is helpful to learners at every level, including those with special needs. Activities present the words aloud, in the context of a sentence, so students both see and hear them, a powerful way to reinforce learning.
While your kids work independently, they can see their progress, and you can see it too. Students get immediate feedback as they practice. As you plan lessons, VocabularySpellingCity will save you time by automatically creating reports on their activities and scores.
VocabularySpellingCity's fun, self-paced word study activities are accessible anywhere you are via the web or app, making your kids' screen time learning time whether they are on a computer, tablet or phone.
Join more than 200,000 homeschool families using VocabularySpellingCity!

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