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 June 23, 2016

Bring a writing teacher along
on your summer vacation!

    This newsletter is brought to you by Time4Writing





Summer plans are in full swing and as much as your children need a break, so do you. That's why Time4Writing is the perfect summer writing program for children and parents.

With Time4Writing's certified writing teachers reviewing your children's writing assignments, it'll seem like you've brought along a dedicated teacher with you on vacation. This means you can truly relax knowing your children are getting the highest quality instruction plus personalized feedback on every assignment.

Each of our 8-week online writing courses typically requires just 3-5 hours a week of your child's time. So, they'll be able to take advantage of summer's downtime even as they gain new writing skills or sharpen existing ones.

Plus, our online curriculum and certified writing teachers go wherever you go -- in the car, on the plane, and even lounging by the pool. Each elementary, middle, and high school level Time4Writing course is available on any computer or mobile device.

Explore our course catalog to choose the skill your child most needs to target this summer; then sign up. Your student can start immediately and can fit their learning around their sun-drenched schedule.

Yours in writing,
John Edelson
Founder of Time4Writing
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